Engel EM200/100

Allgemeine Angaben
Kapazität: 100 Std./ Monat
Mindestmenge: 100 Std./Monat
Verfügbarkeit von: 01.2020
Verfügbarkeit bis: 03.2020
Technische Daten
Schließkraft: 1.000 kN
Technologie: 1 Komponenten Spritzguss

Engel Spritzgussmaschine elektrisch (emotion 100) mit automatischer Teileentnahme und Förderband.

Die Maschine wird unter Reinraumbedingungen betrieben.

All prices are in the currency stated in the Quotation and if not stated in the Quotation Euros shall be agreed on. The Customer shall pay the Price to STRATEC Consumables in that currency clear of any banking transaction charges and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim whatsoever, in accordance with the payment terms stated in the Quotation, or if none are stated, within thirty days of invoice, to such account as STRATEC Consumables specifies for the purpose.
All payments shall be applied first against the expenses (such as dunning and legal expenses), then against interest accrued, and finally against the capital in order of age of invoice, oldest first. Cheques and bills of exchange will not be accepted except by special agreement and merely on account of payment (not in lieu of payment) and shall be considered payment upon encashment to cleared funds in STRATEC Consumables’ account, at the value credited to STRATEC Consumables by the bank. STRATEC Consumables may refuse, without showing cause, any payment offered by cheques or bills of exchange.
The Price is exclusive of value added tax, sales tax, excise duty, import duties or export duties all of which shall be paid by the Customer in addition to the Price.
Without limiting STRATEC Consumables’ remedies if payment is overdue, the Customer shall indemnify STRATEC Consumables against any legal fees and other costs of collection and (as well after as before judgment) shall pay to it a sum equal to any loss suffered by STRATEC Consumables arising from exchange rate fluctuations and interest on such sum and on the amount overdue at 8% per annum calculated from the date payment fell due until the date of actual payment.
If the Customer fails to provide to STRATEC Consumables any information, materials or other item as and when required by the Contract to do so STRATEC Consumables shall be entitled to reasonable additional time for performance and if such failure delays or prevents STRATEC Consumables achieving a milestone or other event entitling it to payment of any sum, that sum shall be due for payment when, but for the Customer's failure, it might reasonably be expected to have fallen due assuming there had been no such failure. STRATEC Consumables may delay or withhold performance under the Contract until the Customer has made any payment or opened any letter of credit or established any other payment arrangements which under the Contract or pursuant to any other written agreement between the parties are due to be made, opened or established and its time for performance shall be extended accordingly.
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Kapazität: 100 Std./ Monat
Mindestmenge: 100 Std./Monat
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